Eat me

    Instagram and food is a match made in heaven. So, I’ve have been posting food pics on my Instagram since my arrival on Jersey. Those are phone snaps of my own familiar culinary “creations” recreated using local Jersey ingredients. Like the above photo of corn flour crêpes (or what is known as “blini” in Russia) made with the finest Jersey milk, free range happy chicken eggs and accompanied by authentic Jersey honey. It was a Sunday treat.

    But then thinking about eating local food in a broader sense I thought it might have some deeper meaning too. It’s a common motive in folk lore that in order to connect with a place one has to taste/absorb the fruits grown on that land. Like in this tale, to receive protection and to be allowed to hide in the branches of an apple tree and thus escape an angry witch chasing two children, the children had to eat first an apple from the apple tree. There are many other examples. There, another good reason to keep eating… local.