It’s here. Arrived yesterday in a small carton box left on the doorsteps by the landlady. I ordered online a portable radio the first day I got on the island. I love radio. Back in Russia where I grew up we didn’t have a TV because the TV signal couldn’t reach Grodekovo, our “in-the- middle-of-nowhere” village and the satellite service wasn’t available yet, so the radio became a faithful companion especially while performing repetitive farm chores. So last night I spent an evening discovering the island’s FM radio range. It was like meeting an old friend I haven’t seen for ages. I caught myself thinking that being on an island, even for a short time it has been so far, brought back some very pleasant but somehow forgotten memories, like the importance of the radio in the past, the presence of nature in one’s everyday island life (taking a bus to town has never been more enjoyable) and most shockingly (to me), the starry sky on a pitch black night just like in Grodekovo – all the things one forgets while living in a big city.

    Yesterday I stayed with the BBC Radio 4 and listened to their Lent Talks programme. Marina Warner spoke about The Power and the Passion, on the power of places It was a good one. She so eloquently articulated the notion of a secular relic, something which I explored with the Marilyn project. Good vibes, staying tuned.