Workshop with Jonny Briggs Photographer in Residence

    Can something good come from breaking the rules? Can mistakes help you in the creative process? Can something good come from confusion? This course will use photography to provide an arena for questioning and discussion. We will attempt to photograph blind, challenge ourselves to create what we consider a boring photograph, attempt to take what we think is a bad photograph, and discuss our findings. We will make rules for photographing that others have to follow and then break those rules. We will create fragmented photographs of ourselves that when placed together like a puzzle, form distorted portraits. We will make photomontages that merge bodies with landscapes and embark on photo walks to shoot some of the projects. Humour is welcomed.

    Saturday 9 & 16 September 2017 at the Société Jersiaise, St Helier, Jersey

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    The island of Jersey is one of the world’s leading offshore International Finance Centres. In the second half of the twentieth century Jersey’s economy has experienced a radical transformation from one based upon agriculture and tourism to a financial services industry which today commands over 50% of total economic activity. 104,000 people live in Jersey in 2017 and over 13,000 islanders are employed within the finance sector. Masterplan is a five year project (2016 – 2020) using photography, film and archival research to tell the story of Jersey’s economic growth and development in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. A visual record of contemporary Jersey is a question of what visual record there is of finance. And, what is a visual record of finance?

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    Photography workshop with Jersey College for Girls

    by Lillie Godden by Tilly Nolan by Megan Williams by Jess Moll more

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     Archisle International Photographers in Residence 2017 Exhibition – Opens 8 September  2017 @ CCA Galleries International
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          Tanja Deman: Sunken Garden                                                                                                            Jonny Briggs: Unpalatable Truths