Lewis Bush: Photographer in Residence 2018

    Lewis Bush is a photographer, writer, researcher, and educator. His practice draws attention to forms of invisible power that operate in the world taking the stance that power is always problematic because its natural resting state is arbitrary and untransparent. Regardless of the intentions of the people and institutions possessing power, these are the states to which it constantly seeks to return. The Archisle Residency, now in its fifth year, brings international contemporary photographers to Jersey to create, educate and exhibit. The residency awards a bursary of £10,000 for an exhibition of new work responding to the culture of the Jersey and set of these works enter the Archisle Collection at the Société Jersiaise Photographic Archive.

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    The island of Jersey is one of the world’s leading offshore International Finance Centres. In the second half of the twentieth century Jersey’s economy has experienced a radical transformation from one based upon agriculture and tourism to a financial services industry which today commands over 50% of total economic activity. 104,000 people live in Jersey in 2017 and over 13,000 islanders are employed within the finance sector. Masterplan is a five year project (2016 – 2020) using photography, film and archival research to tell the story of Jersey’s economic growth and development in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. A visual record of contemporary Jersey is a question of what visual record there is of finance. And, what is a visual record of finance?

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    Time is Flying

    When I arrived on Jersey at the end of April, six months felt like a very long time but already two thirds of that time has passed. I've been busy since then shooting, reading, meeting people and exploring the island (I'm glad to say I only have to check my map from time to time now, not like when I first arrived). Still there is so much work left to do before the end of the residency and the exhibition of the work I have produced in September. I hope to post more here in the run up to the show ...more


    Cyanotypes are a very early form of photography, using a type of light sensitive chemistry discovered by the astronomer William Herschell in the 1840's. An object is placed on a piece of paper coated in the chemistry and then exposed to the sun, which causes a chemical reaction in the areas not covered by the object. When the paper is washed in water the result are these striking blue and white images. I've wanted to try cyanotypes out for a long time and Jersey with it's abundant sunlight seemed like the perfect place. I've been collected plants from around where I ...more

    One Month In

    It's hard to believe I've already been here a month. So far I've spent most of my time exploring the island on my bike, and getting down to some in depth research in the library of the Societe Jersiaise. The photographic project idea I am researching relates to Jersey's relationship with the United Kingdom, Brexit and the implications of these things for the finance sector in particular. Understanding these things means getting to grips with some quite complex reading and then trying to develop ways to make these very abstract topics visible, easier said than done! more

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    Archisle International Photographer in Residence 2018: Lewis Bush