Archisle Project Update

    July 10, 2013  by gareth  |  Blog



    This year Archisle welcomed their first International Photographer in Residence, Michelle Sank. Michelle started her commission in April and continues to produce a new body of work here in Jersey that captures both the island’s community and culture.

    The project aims to promote contemporary photography here in Jersey through an ongoing programme of exhibitions, education and commissions. Michelle, along with Archisle’s project leader Gareth Syvret has completed many of the project’s educational initiatives.

    Michelle has delivered dynamic workshops and led projects at many of the island’s schools including Hautlieu, Highlands, Jersey College for Girls and De La Salle.

    The May half-term Photo School, in partnership with Jersey Youth Service was a unique five day course for 12 to 18 year olds led by Michelle and Gareth. The course was a fantastic success with eleven students producing a collection of work that en-captured their chosen theme of ‘Vibrant Monotony’. You can read more about the Archisle Photo School by clicking here.

    As well as educational initiatives, Michelle was also involved with this year’s Skipton Open Studios. Michelle gave visitors a preview of her work in one of the containers and at the Archisle studio. She also offered free portfolio reviews and workshops. Let us know what you thought of Skipton Open Studios by commenting below or on our Facebook page by  clicking here.

    On Saturday Michelle and Gareth began Archisle Photography Workshops at Jersey Arts Centre. Michelle aims to give fresh ideas from the international photography scene alongside technical and critical support to group members.

    The Archisle Open Photography Exhibition 2013 is now accepting entries. Archisle is inviting photographers to enter three photographs in response to the brief  Interior/Exterior. Full submission rules, terms and conditions are available online by clicking here.

    Michelle’s work during her time here in Jersey will be exhibited in September at Liberty Wharf. The photographs will then join the Archisle collection at the Societe Jersiaise Photographic Archive for future public enjoyment. If you are interested in viewing any of Michelle’s previous work please click here.


    Photo School Testimonials…

    July 10, 2013  by gareth  |  Blog

    Archisle Photo School during May half-term was a success with the students learning new skills, shooting new projects and taking part in an exciting group exhibition. The Photo School students gave us feedback which you can read below…

    Chrissie Knight

    “I really enjoyed Photo School, It was really fun to meet new people and try something a bit different as I am used to doing art and music activities. It was a very informative week I learnt how to focus on the subjects of images, use self timer and crop images manually. It was great to be with such a wide range of different students of different ages, interests and schools. I think it has built up my confidence in terms of speaking to new people when asking to take their photographs. It was also great to have a professional photographer look at my photos and give me advice on how I can improve. Overall I had lots of fun and had a great experience at Photo School.”

    Reese de Vares

    “I have learnt how to look at photographs in a different way and change the lighting in the studio. I really enjoyed this course and meeting new people.”

    Emma Nott

    “At Photo School I have learnt how to see the photos I am taking in a different light and have learnt to frame them up before taking them. I have also met really nice people here and have enjoyed seeing the photos they have taken and learning from them. Having an exhibition at the end of the week is also a great opportunity; it has been fascinating looking at the process.”

    Nicole O’Reagain

    “I have really enjoyed working with Gareth and Michelle as their advice has been invaluable to me, they have helped me to take photographs in a more unique and interesting way. I particularly liked that we were given freedom in the subjects we photographed as it encouraged me to make my own creative decisions. I also liked working with a variety of people who had completely different ideas from my own as it encouraged me to be more experimental in my own work. Thank you for the knowledge you have given me.”

    Sophie Johnson-Mills

    “I have learnt a various amount of new skills that I can use to further my photography projects. I have enjoyed working with new people and Michelle and Gareth have been very good teachers and I have achieved good studio and street work and had fun in the editing and viewing of photographs.”

    Louise Statt

    “The course has been really interesting in giving an insight into professional photography and gaining feedback on our own work. Michelle’s assistance in taking and editing the photos has been a very valuable experience that I believe will benefit me for many year to come as it has taught me many new skills. I would like to thank Gareth, Connor and Michelle for this experience and the brilliant help they have provided us with. My fellow students have also done a great deal to ensure the week has been a lot of fun and I hope our friendships will extend beyond the course.”

    Chloe Johnson

    “I really enjoyed this course, things like this are not something I do often and I was really nervous at first. However, everyone was really welcoming and I was much less nervous as the week went on. This course has helped me develop my photography skills and have began to use these skills to try our new styles of photography. I also found that the group discussions and group editing of our work, although scary at first were really helpful. Thank you Michelle and Gareth.”

    Read more about Photo School by clicking here.