June 6, 2018  by Lewis Bush  |  Blog, Lewis Bush's Blog


    Cyanotypes are a very early form of photography, using a type of light sensitive chemistry discovered by the astronomer William Herschell in the 1840’s. An object is placed on a piece of paper coated in the chemistry and then exposed to the sun, which causes a chemical reaction in the areas not covered by the object. When the paper is washed in water the result are these striking blue and white images.

    I’ve wanted to try cyanotypes out for a long time and Jersey with it’s abundant sunlight seemed like the perfect place. I’ve been collected plants from around where I am staying in Grouville and using them to create these images. Each one is unique, as the plant is always positioned a little differently when it is moved from sheet to sheet.

    Seeing as Jersey has treated me very well since I arrived two months ago I thought it would be nice to give something back and so have sold a few of these with the money going to local charities including the Société Jersiaise who are hosting me during my stay. I still have a few print left so if you would like one feel free to get in touch with me via the contact page on my website.