Building on the success that the Archisle Programme has fostered in the past 5 years of promoting contemporary photography through an ongoing programme of exhibitions, education and commissions, we are developing a new Archisle Academy for individuals and students who are serious about photography and lens-based media using the Photographic Archive at Société Jersiaise as starting points for experiences of island cultures, geographies and contemporary practice.


    Workshop: Storytelling in Contemporary Photography

    This workshop will focus on original approaches to storytelling in documentary and narrative photography. Strong emphasis will be placed on how image-makers’ today are making photo books as a mode of self-expression and dissemination of personal creative projects.

    Through the programme participants will be equipped with the skills and confidence to find their own voice and unique concepts and themes. The workshop will act as a directed creative platform where clarity is brought to personal vision by developing the visual language that leads to the realisation of multiple creative outcomes such as building a portfolio, designing a photo book or mounting an exhibition.

    The first part of the workshop will teach you aspects of shaping a visual narrative through photography practice, archival research or other forms of found material. Contemporary and historical photographic theory will be taught in an engaging manner to actively connect with the development of personal projects. This element of the programme will be strongly focussed on equipping participants with the ability to express and communicate the meaning and significance of their project to an audience.


    Who is it for? Individuals with a serious interest in storytelling in contemporary photography who wish to develop a personal project towards concrete creative outcomes such as a portfolio, photo book or exhibition. It would benefit those who are already working on a lens-based project or have been thinking about an idea for a new project and need the skills and support to achieve it. This workshop will also support students in tertiary and higher education studying art and photography.

    When: Jan – June 2017

    12 evening sessions from 18.30 – 21:00 on the following dates:

    Thurs 12 & 26 January 
    Thurs 9 & 23 February
    Thurs 9 & 23 March
    Thurs 20 April – Easter break
    Thurs 4 & 18 May
    Thurs 1, 15, 29 June

    Venue: Société Jersiaise, 7 Pier Road, St Helier, Jersey

    Cost: £960                    
    Students: £640 (20% discount)
    Max 12 participants
    Payment plan available, please enquire
    RVSP: Thurs 15 Dec 2016



    Tutors: Workshop will be led by Martin Toft and Gareth Syvret with additional contributions from guest lecturers and visiting artists from the Archisle International Photography Residency programme. Together they possess over forty years’ experience of photographic practice, education, curatorship, research, criticism and project development.

    Bespoke 1-2-1 Mentoring and Portfolio Reviews  (intensive support)
    We can deliver bespoke 1-2-1 tuition, mentoring and portfolio reviews for those who wish to pursue specific aims. Sessions are designed to meet individual needs, schedules and budgets.

    Please get in touch to book you place or with any further enquiries:,je 

    Workshop: A-level Photography Qualification
    Edexcel syllabus: 1-year/ 2-year

    Follow this link and download specification for full details

    Two units:

    1. Personal Investigation (Coursework 60%) taught in class
    2. Externally Set Assignment (Exam 40%) taught in class + 10 hours controlled condition

    Coursework will be based around a theme-based Scheme of Learning (SoL) E.g. Faith, Family or Community or Truth, Fiction or Fantasy.

    Externally Set Assignment is a paper produced by the examination board and will be given to each student end of January 2017. The assignment is based around a theme e.g. Transformation (2016) and the paper comes with supporting material to assist students to develop their ideas.

    When? Sept 2017 – May 2018
    12 sessions, 1 every 4 weeks over a 9 month period
    Wednesdays: 19:00-21:30pm. Each session 2 ½ hours

    Venue: Société Jersiaise, 7 Pier Road, St Helier, Jersey

    Cost: £1200. Max 12 participants
    Edexcel examination registration for 2 units £80-100

    Tutors: A-level programme will be taught by Martin Toft, including all forms of assessment, monitoring and tracking of student progress. Contributions will also be made by Gareth Syvret when appropriate. A coursework planner will be handed out to students at the beginning of the course detailing teaching and learning content and tasks, such as research, analysis, recording (photo-assignments), experimentation, evaluation and presentation.

    Please get in touch for any further enquiries: