Guernsey Photo Festival: From an idea to a projection screen

    As we’re wrapping our eventful visit to Guernsey Photo Festival I’d like to say that it was wonderful to see both Jersey’s and Guernsey’s students’ happy faces yesterday evening during The Night of Photography projection. It looked like it was important for them to see their photos projected on seven giant festival screens for the first time in an exhibition space. Much effort was invested in this project over the past months leading to this event. I was involved in this project and it was an important moment for me too.

    The road from an idea to an exhibition or in this case a public projection is long and winding. It goes through the doubts about the subject matter, sometimes through technical difficulties, editing, sequencing and many other creative considerations. So by the time that initial idea takes its final form it has gone through a serious thought process. That is why it is very rewarding to see it gaining its own audience for the first time. It might seem like a trivial experience, but it certainly it doesn’t feel like one. New things may spring from this experience. New edits or adjustments to the exisiting work or ideas for subsequent projects. But before it happpens I hope the students will pause to enjoy and to savor this delicous moment. It is the instant to remember.